Jim Coats, Sheriff, (Ret.) Image

Jim Coats, Sheriff, (Ret.)

I am proud to say that over the years Fresh Start's mentoring has effectively demonstrated its ability, dedication, and commitment to make a positive impact on clients served.    I am proud and honored during my time as Pinellas County Sheriff to have the opportunity to partner with Fresh Start Mentoring. … Read More »

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DaLean Rials

Depression and addiction can happen to anyone….even good people. It happened to me. My depression and addiction took over what was a perfect life and led me to make life altering decisions. I asked for help and found myself fired, arrested and now on probation for 10 years. Humiliated and discouraged… Read More »

Trevor Image


Trevor I found myself in jail desperately needing to talk to someone who could help change the direction of my life and help me begin responsible behavior. I asked to see a chaplain, and I was soon visited by Chaplain Dan. His visits in jail gave me great hope, but I needed something for life on the… Read More »

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Mike Wiley

Through the Fresh Start program my hope was restored, success was encouraged, resources were provided and available to me, strength was given, and love was shown. A year sober now, victory over addiction, depression, loneliness, sadness, drug and alcohol abuse (just to name a few) has found me. Broken… Read More »