Different programs but the same discipline.

Fresh Start mentors meet weekly with clients at a safe place to help clients achieve a plan for reaching their goals in life—getting through probation, moving ahead in life, leaving behind past obstacles. Fresh Start does not take violent offenders or sexual predators.  Men mentor men, women mentor women. Mentors are free to decline or to opt out of any client relationship. Where juveniles are involved, special training and commitment is necessary.


Smart Probation = A pilot program of the Florida Department of Corrections, Smart Probation steers away from zero tolerance for those on probation and toward comprehensive disciplines that help a probationer successfully complete probation and become better equipped for life. Fresh Start mentors clients directed to this program for a period of twelve weeks in public locations.

Voluntary Probation Mentoring = Fresh Start has representatives in each probation office in Pinellas County and is beginning in Pasco County. Clients come to us by voluntarily requesting in their probation office to be mentored. Mentoring progresses once a week  for a minimum of 12 weeks using a detailed mentor-client planner to help clients complete probation successfully and change aspects of their lives.    

AMI Kids - Tampa =   "Fresh Start mentors juveniles returning from sentenced programs to help them re-enter their community, and we mentor at-risk youth not yet arrested or sentenced to help them stay out of the system."

JDC = JDC: "Fresh Start mentors male and female juveniles on a weekly basis in Clearwater at the Juvenile Detention Center."

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