Our leadership is strong through its diverse backgrounds held together by a common belief. All of the original founder are certified coaches. Here is a brief synopsis of current leaders.

Chaplain Herb Schluderberg = Comes from a business background in international banking, where he volunteered in Cook County Jail (Chicago) for ten years before attending Moody Bible Graduate School in Urban Ministry. A graduate also of the Wharton Graduate School, his business and faith backgrounds combined to bring together a new ministry.

Judge Frank Quesada = A veteran judge with years in the Violation of Probation division of the Sixth Judicial Court in Pinellas County and a board member, Frank has shown a heart for justice and safety in the community while striving to give offenders a path to recovery along with judicial probation orders.

Ian Lennox = Previously the President of the Philadelphia Crime Commission, Ian is ordained, a former professor and currently our Operations Manager who oversees mentors, probation offices, and monthly reports.

Debra Reinhardt = Runs a business of several hundred employees but still has time to be our Treasurer to keep the finances accountable by having a separate agency execute and report the banking and review insurance needs of the ministry.

Dan Huntington = Ordained and currently a chaplain in the Pinellas County Jail, Dan uses his skills as previous head of a marketing company to promote Fresh Start in the community. He is a cofounder of the ministry and devoted mentor.

Berkley Badger = Berkley has time to be an international missionary in places like Africa and Afghanistan, manage a brokerage, and run a weekly radio program. His evangelism overseas has given us an experienced coach for our local evangelism. The earliest supporter of the ministry.

Loida Levy = Mentor and Local Program Manager Loida Levy, Fresh Start local program manager joined the program as a mentor in the fall of 2010.  Loida decided to participate in the mentoring program as a way of giving back to the community after experiencing the pain of having one of her children become addicted to drugs and getting arrested multiple times.