Our leadership is strong through its diverse backgrounds held together by a common belief. All of the original founder are certified coaches. Here is a brief synopsis of current leaders.

Herb Schluderberg = Founder, retired chaplain Pinellas County Jail, and currently President (10 years)

Micheal Hutfless = Currently Fresh Start Treasurer/Secretary and Quality Control Manager; graduate of the Naval Academy and retired corporate CEO (2 years)

Paul Gorny = Business consultant, marketing adviser to Fresh Start, and currently representing Fresh Start in Lee County.

Stan Reedy = Principal of family owned Reedy Photo; advice and creation of Fresh Start printed material (2 years)

Deborah Roseman = General Manager of Florida Asset Ventures and activist in Tampa Bay ministries and outreach.

Loida Levy = With Fresh Start 10 years as a mentor and Local Program Manager in Tarpon Springs; retired business person.