Our leadership is strong through its diverse backgrounds held together by a common belief. All of the original founder are certified coaches. Here is a brief synopsis of current leaders.

Herb Schluderberg = Founder, retired chaplain Pinellas County Jail, and currently President (10 years)

Ian Lennox = Chairman Of the Board and an original founder of Fresh Start; previously President of the Philadelphia Crime Commission (10 years)

Debra Reinhardt = Original founder and licensed mentor; currently Chief Executive Officer of Resource Property Management Inc (10 years)

Berkley Badger = Original Founder, currently CEO Investors Choice Group (10 years)

Micheal Hutfless = Currently Fresh Start Treasurer/Secretary and Quality Control Manager; graduate of the Naval Academy and retired corporate CEO (2 years)

Paul Gorny = Murphy Business & Financial Services, marketing advisor for Fresh Start (2 years) Paul will be moving with his wife to Lee County in the Ft Myers area, joining his son and grand children. He is planning to start Fresh Start Mentoring there. His family members have church affiliations for recruiting mentors. Our local Department of Corrections probation supervisors are contacting Lee County to advise them of the good work done by Fresh Start in Pinellas. Paul has owned successful companies and is a top-rate marketer and the leading sales person in his company. We expect to have Fresh Start services in Lee County in 2020.

Stan Reedy = Principal of family owned Reedy Photo; advice and creation of Fresh Start printed material (2 years)

Curt Engelmann = Executive Director at Talinsight LLC, consultant for talent and job fit (2 years)