Let's not despise small progress; instead celebrate a thanksgiving:

  • On November 2, we started to mentor face to face a lady in probation, whereas no new probation clients came to us since the pandemic began in March due to COVID-19 guidelines set down by the FL Dept of Corrections.
  • With AMI Kids school reopening, we will begin to mentor the boys by Zoom after the holidays. No visitors have been allowed since school started up again, and there was no school at all spring through the summer. We look forward to Zoom mentoring and then in person (see attached foto--we used to lunch with juveniles--let's inch forward to doing that again).
  • STARS training of the homeless/jobless in Clearwater ended in March but began again in June. We have continued to mentor 10 homeless/jobless graduates of the STARS employment preparedness class through October.


Yogi Berra: Deja vu all over again.

We repeat an old story. In Zechariah 4:10--you know, the Old Testament--we read, "do not despise these small beginnings" as the Israelites plan to rebuild the destroyed Temple, first using a plumb line and then a first stone.

Pitch in with us!

  • Pray that the FL Department of Corrections continues to send us more clients.
  • Pray that the Zoom mentoring of juveniles develops hack to face to face soon
  • Pray that homeless mentoring brings permanent change to newly employed people finding new low-income housing.
  • Pray that mentors preach the Gospel first with their behavior, then with words.

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This Giving Season, Help Expand Impact

Since 2009, Fresh Start Mentorship has impacted over 800+ lives by recruiting and training volunteers from churches and matching them with struggling juveniles and adults leaving jail for mentoring to help them reenter our communities.

We are excited to announce that this Giving Season, Fresh Start Mentorship has launched a year-end fundraising campaign to expand impact in 2020!

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The Need For Mentorship Has Grown

People on probation for minor crimes face never escaping the condemnation of conviction.

Juveniles at risk are abandoned by their own families, never learning how to build a life, find peace or escape drugs.

Homeless people are enabled with free stuff into constant dependency and a burden on society.

We Need Your Help

Fresh Start Mentorship is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that depends on your generosity to continue to serve people at no cost the them.

With over 75% of probationers who complete Fresh Start Mentoring Programs not going back to jail, our success has led to growth. We just started in Pasco County, are surveying Lee County (Ft Myers) and have been asked to mentor foster home families. Help! We need your support to expand to help the forgotten.

From now until December 31, your donation to Fresh Start Mentorship will help fuel expansion to help more people make a fresh start in 2020!

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A financial gift is your spiritual act supporting: 2019 growth - 7 probation offices from 5; 3 counties from 2; 3 mentors groups adding homeless to probationers, juveniles. And 2020 targets: Lee County and foster care homes.


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